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Nail Beauty Cosmetic Products

Posted on December 01 2018

Nails are sensitive and delicate area which requires extra protection by using effective nail beauty products. Most importantly, nails are perfect example of health indicator. Poly Gel Nail Kit is simple and ultimate nail gel, made up of liquid form and it is mixture of natural components. It functions effectively and works as nail extension and overlay application. It provides 100% protection and durability than traditional hard nail gels. The key factor about poly gel, it requires less amount of filing and lifting. It comes with various beneficial factors such as risk-free, convenient, and pleasant and it works great for longer nails because it provides rapid improvement in short span of time. This Poly Gel Nail Kit is comes with full package which does include brush, slip solution liquid, top and base coat, ph bond, nail fake tips and lastly nail dehydrator.

Nail Dehydrator is one of the best nail adhesive solutions which provide complete dehydration for nail plates. It helps in improving the natural growth of nails, it is very effective than other nail cosmetic products such as primer and bonder. The functionality and performance is quite similar like bonder because prep step dehydrator will keep the surface of natural nails stickiness stable and constant during process of perfect preparation. There is one most important point to be consider, it must be applied before primer or nail polish. During nail prep step, nail dehydrator does not break through the nail plate. It works great on natural nails rather than artificial nail application. It comes in complete full package qualities such as less time-consuming, no residue due to no fragrance and can achieve desired beautiful nail shapes. Make sure nails must be properly clean and dry to achieve desired nail shape and best adhesion possible while applying.