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Poly gel which gives 100% Promising Consistency Every Time

Posted on September 18 2018

Poly gel is combination of hard and acrylic gels which becomes very essential to give nails extra protection and shiny look. Poly gel is infiltrate nail enrichment which will carve full set of beautiful nails by applying this poly gel all over nails. It is super strong and very easy to use than other traditional gels especially for beginners. The enrichment method keeps your stronger, healthy, lightweight and elastic nails. Poly gel normally available in full kit including brush and other tools.

Poly gel gives 100% promising consistency every time due to its strong properties. There are no monomers, no addition and even there’s no need of proportion required. The best thing about poly gel is that people can change the color on regular basis without any problem and removable of poly gel is unique and easy, remove polish or gel with acetone won’t affect your nails

The usage of poly gel is very easy & effective- clean surrounding of nails, use suitable file to give nails natural shape, then remove the shiny part and clean the dust properly. Be careful use proper nail tip when ever applying the poly gel.