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Poly Gel kit that Helps Gives Nail Softer and Durable Finish

Posted on September 23 2018

Poly Gel maintains the high standard due to its advanced tri-polymer method is beneficial to give regular consistency that allows nails provide beautiful and shiny look. It is combination of acrylics and hard gels. Poly Gel comes in wide variety of sheer shades made for the purpose to improve nails to complement different skin tones. It is lighter than hard gels and stronger than acrylics. Due to poly gel stickiness quality, it is must to get paired with slip solution. Poly Gel only can be filed off rather than soaking off.

With the effect of slip solution, poly gel stays at one place and can be easily worked in any preferred shape. The most important thing, apply poly gel on nails and there won’t be any movement until treated properly. Poly Gel generally available in kits such as slip solution, different shades of tube, cleanser, multi-purpose tool, top coat and base coat. Experience the usage of poly gel kit that helps gives nail softer and durable finish.