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Poly Gel Nail Kit - Lighter than Acrylic Nail Gels and Hard Gels

Posted on October 07 2018

Nails are integral and most protective part of skin; they need extra protection to achieve beautiful nails. They are inter-related and totally relative to skin. Health of nails can be determined depending on shape, texture and discoloration of nails. Poly-gel nail kit is one of the multi-purpose formula which helps in managing or tackling different with this amazing nail kit. There are so many advantages of using acrylic nail gels. If someone is fond of acrylic nail gel, then they can try poly-gel nail kit.

This poly-gel nail kit is outstanding; it has durability or flexibility, long-lasting life to nails and one of the most important and unique things about this kit is that there’s no stickiness feeling as compared to other hard and traditional nail gels. This poly-gel is very lighter than acrylic nail gels and hard gels. It requires no addition, no monomers and no proportion as well. This poly gel nail kit includes different things such as slip-solution, nail primer, top and base coat, nail fake tips, brush and poly-gel. Actually there’s slip liquid which can be only useful with liquid nail gels is called slip solution.

The best thing about slip solution helps in preventing the gels from being stickiness. This poly-gel nail kit can be used in two different methods – either use poly-gel with nail fake tips or nail art forms. It can work with dual forms, helps in providing beautiful shape to nail extension which results in less time-consuming. It must be cured under UV/LED lights. It features durability, easy to use, 100% safe & secure and provide nails longer life. Try this amazing poly-gel nail to get beautiful and shiny appearance to nails.