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TLM Color Changing Liquid Foundation


This TLM Color Changing Liquid Foundation is pure mix of liquid formulation which is highly recommended and loved in terms of properties. With the built-in sense bead technology that goes on white and instants self-adjusts to match your facial skin perfection. It comes with unique color-matching formulation that helps to protects and moisturizes the skin deeply to exactly match facial skin tone. It is perfectly suitable for different areas such as cheeks, eyes and face. This foundation is not only meant for facial beauty but also helps to protect your skin against pollution, dirt, dust particles and harmful bright sunlight with the addition of strong SPF 15 sun protection. This odorless formula is ultra-light and instantly absorption of skin without getting dry or cracked. Keep your facial skin flawless, beautiful and illuminating silky finish for whole day without wearing out other foundations just don’t provide.

Product Features:

  • Works great for all skin types and comes with great range of different shades to cover and compliment your skin tone. .
  • This light-diffusing formula looks natural makes skin more flawless, feel smooth textured and seductive.
  • TLM Color Changing Liquid Foundation delivers fluid texture blends perfectly deeply into skin in order to hide face imperfection such as blemishes or dark circles to make smooth & shiny texture.
  • This Revolutionary liquid foundation contains shade sensing beads that delivers perfect shade transformation in no time.
  • This non-allergenic formula is designed for daily and professional use in that helps to make your smooth & silky with perfect blending deeply into skin.
  • It is lightweight, pocket-friendly, convenient and easy application to use especially for beginners. Moreover, those who love wearing makeup, it is low-cost and safe investment option available for women to add their wardrobe collection.
  • It comes in 30 ml packaging with built-in 3 skin-tone adjustable shades. It is designed to adjust your skin tone for an ideal color match and long-lasting coverage.

Packaging Includes:

  • 30 ml - TLM Color Changing Liquid Foundation